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About DNE

Qingdao Dave Network Enterprises (DNE) Company. LIMITED was established in May 2017. As our name suggests, our offices are located in the beautiful city of Qingdao, China. We pride to offer employment in China. Qingdao Dave Network Enterprises Company Limited is a fully foreign-owned legit company owned my Mr. Ujwal Kumar Jha, who has over a decade of experience working with foreign and local companies and individuals in education / training related industries

Our Team

Our incredible team of talented individuals are the driving force behind DNE’s success and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.


Ujwal Jha

Marketing Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Ujwal has successfully matched hundreds of candidates with various types of schools and companies. He does his best to identify exceptional candidates and guide them through the recruitment process. He is passionate about helping professionals advance their careers and supporting companies in finding the right talent to drive their success.


Wendy Yang

Recruitment Manager

Wendy is responsible for providing potential candidates with accurate information about the employment position, employer, and working conditions. She then collects applicants’ details and presents their candidature to the positions they would like to apply, while also suggesting positions that she considers the most suitable to the applicant. She then arranges interviews, supporting the applicant and employer through the process. After the applicants signs a contract, she ensures that the applicant’s relocation goes smoothly.


Mandy Wang

Account Manager

Mandy is responsible for helping employers’ source the most suitable candidates according to the job description. She achieves this by paying great attention to the applicants’ educational background and experience. A major part of this process is to verify applicants’ credentials and assist employers in transferring or obtaining legal employment documents that are essential for every foreign employee in China.


Neville Edwards

ESL Recruiter

Neville Edwards is an experienced ESL Recruiter with years of industry experience. He specializes in matching qualified and experienced foreign teachers with top career opportunities in Qingdao and beyond. As an ESL Recruiter, Neville is dedicated to providing valuable support to his clients and ensures maximum satisfaction with the job placement process. Neville has gained extensive knowledge about the industry and has a wealth of experience in understanding the needs of both employers and job seekers.