All Testimonial Details

Sam @ Iran

“I highly recommend DNE Recruitment Company for their excellent services in helping me find a good job in China. I first approached Ujwal when I was looking for a teaching job and was impressed by his knowledge and comprehensive database in this field. DNE took the time to understand my qualifications, experience, and career goals and provided me with a tailored list of job opportunities that matched my profile. They were highly professional, and responsive, and provided me with regular updates on the progress of my job applications.

They not only helped me secure interviews but also provided me with interview coaching that helped me to perform better during the interviews.

Finally, I had a very positive experience working with Ujwal and DEN Recruitment Company. Besides, I was already recommended him and his company (DNE) to my friends, would highly recommend them to anyone seeking employment in China.”

Sabina @ Russia

“I first approached DNE in 2018 when I was searching for an English teaching position in Qingdao. They provided me with really good service. Ujwal helped to re-write my CV which allowed me to attract best job position with suitable schedule and salary. DNE guided me throughout our collaboration until I got suitable working position.

The staffs from DNE were highly professional and responsive and are really devoted to their customers and their needs.
In general, I have a very positive experience dealing with James and his Recruitment Company, DNE and I highly recommend them for those who are looking for a suitable job in China.”

Daniel @ UK

“DNE offers a professional and transparent placement experience. They communicate with schools on your behalf to find the best opportunities for you. They are independent and act in your best interest. DNE has placed me in several schools and I found the experience stress-free and very honest.”